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Cantera Stone




Cantera Stone is a beautiful natural stone. We can shape Cantera Stone into

almost any shape imaginable.  This stone is very special due to the fact that it is

all hand crafted. Our skilled craftsmen can carve and shape Cantera Stone into

elegant and beautiful decorative pieces.




         Cantera Stone can be used is same ways as architectural precast. Moldings,

Cornices, Banding, Pool Coping, Mantles, Trims, and Sills can be crafted out of

Cantera stone. Cantera Stone can add a beautiful accent your home or project.



          Custom creations can be crafted to your specifications. We can create

sculptures, logos, water features, fountains, center tables, benches, planters,

mantels, finials, spheres, and much more. Contact us for more information